About This Blog

I have been searching for a new reading and writing project for some time. Then it occurred to me that my favorite genre has become science fiction or — possibly more accurately — speculative fiction, especially the sub-genres that include dystopias, post-apocalypse, futurology, and alternate history, as well as traditional sci-fi like space exploration, alien worlds, and time travel. And I have always enjoyed the work of women writers.

But I have never systematically set out to read science fiction written by women. Let’s admit it: female sci-fi authors don’t exactly dominate the bookshelves or the “best of” lists. Yet among my favorite authors are Ursula K. Le Guin, Octavia Butler, and Margaret Atwood, and I am convinced that there is a lot of quality science fiction written by women to be read.

So I decided to seek out, read, and blog about science fiction by women, especially new science fiction. I’ll also post news about women in sci-fi, including television and film as well as books, as I come across it.

I hope you enjoy this blogging project, and please post any suggestions for what I should read next in the comments.

A sister project about women writing horror and dark fiction is here: Noir Femme. I also write a book review blog called Books Worth Reading  and a general geeky blog under my name, Shannon Turlington. If you like this blog, please pay those a visit. You can also follow me on Google+ for even more writing and reading links.

All content published here is copyright Shannon Turlington and may not be reproduced without permission. Contact me if you would like to republish an essay or hire me for new writing.

I am willing to consider reviewing books from the publisher or author if they meet the criteria for this blog. Please email me with inquiries. No self-published books, please.

-Shannon Turlington (shannon.turlington @ gmail.com)

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